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 VIsiting Linda

Linda is now living at Carleton Lodge, in the very south end of Ottawa, just off of Prince of Wales Drive at the new Stranherd/Amstrong bridge, akay Vimy Memorial Bridge (with the white arches).

If you intend to visit, let me know and I’ll get you on the visitors list.

The address is 55 Lodge Road, Nepean, ON in the very south end of the city. It is possible to get there by a 94 bus which goes all the way south on Woodroofe – all the way downtown if you like and all the way out to Orleans but it’s a long ride!

If you’re driving south on Prince of Wales, you would go past the bridge and then take the next left, a little street called Rocky Hill Dr.  The Carleton Lodge is blue colored and nestled between Prince of Wales and the River.

You have to be let in by security. The doors are a bit funky. There’s a call button. She is really only in her chair and available for visits between 2 and 5pm in the  afternoon and you would find her in the full-care lounge/dining area of  Goulburn Village ward on the first floor, go to the left of the elevator (past the 90/100yr-olds lounge) in the main atrium area.   In other words, keep left but not too sharply.

In She’d enjoy a nice little ride to the quieter lounges in the building our outside for a picnic in the summer!

 Linda Rainville-Wagar

This site provides a repository for the many Linda-reports and pictures accumulated
since Linda Rainville-Wagar suffered a severe brain aneurysm on Oct.6, 2009.
Click on the categories on the left to see the document or photo library.
click on Linda's calendar to be taken to her calendar site for visitors to see when
the best visiting times are.

Linda’s condition is stable. It has taken years for her to partly recover with a lot of ups and downs.. In those first weeks of October 2009, she had two operations: to stem the bleeding and reduce the pressure on the brain by removing one side of her skull.  A few months later, after the swelling went down, this was covered with a plate and a variable valve and catheter was installed to drain away the cerebrospinal (water-like) fluid that had been accumulating in her brain and likely preventing her from sufficient gains in awareness and function. She had a subsequent operation to put a drainage tube into the top of her right-hand skull to try and drain away fluid that is squashing her right-brain.

Linda can talk in  both languages. She is unfortunately more or less paralyzed in all limbs but the right arm but as her brain healed she responded to physiotherapy. At one time she was able to move her torso and right leg but with operations, complications and age, that has subsided., We belief she has some vision but really can't act on what she sees. 
She has so much complicated brain damage that it's hard to know exactly what's happening but she exhibits a kind of multiple-personality and  has limited short-term memory and motivation. The good thing is though that for the most part she is 'happy' and living in the moment. She enjoys listening to stories and music and can repeat some verses or rhymes.

With all the positive thoughts and prayers coming her way, she has surprised us with what she's been able to regain and her many years of longevity, but she is unlikely to ever return home.  We keep showering her with visits and love and can only hope that her soul is better for it, despite her broken mind.

Linda remains in the Carleton Lodge in Ottawa for rehabilitation and can receive visits. 
It's probably best to email me at to ask
what time is best to visit, Usually best from 2 to 5pm. 
Your support and encouragement is appreciated. To receive more information, arrange to visit Linda or be put on her linda-reports mailing list, contact:

Carl Wagar, husband

 Many thanks!

Thank you once again for all the encouragement and prayers, gifts and visits these many months.
Cherish your family and friends.  Even though Linda’s recovery has been slow, has its miraculous elements that we can all be thankful for.    

I am thankful for the 25 years of wonderful times that Linda and myself were blessed with before her aneuruysm, the blessing of having our kids and our experiences with and through them. Despite some ups and downs over the years, it’s great that we have a foundation of many gifts, including our children, to be thankful for and a foundation of happy memories.  In a way, Linda’s accident has allowed all of us to remember what is truly important.

Things are hard at times, but we've made the best of these additional 7+ years. I’ve come to recognize that everyone’s been given a variety of challenges, some much worse than mine.   Linda’s own challenge is a bigger one to bear than mine. All I can do is support her as much as I can.  The kids and I are surviving, and living a ‘new kind of life’.   I will surely stand by Linda’s  side in faith, hope and love as she recovers and surprises us all!






 anniversary Sep.8, 2013

anniversary Sep.8, 2013

 Linda's Birthday

Linda's Birthday Jan.8, 2012